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48V Lithium Battery

48V Lithium Battery

• Standard 19-inch design for high compatibility

• High temperature performance, below 60℃ without air-conditioning cooling, energy saving, intelligent management

• Long life, 6000 times @0.5C, 80%DOD, 25℃

• Modular, lightweight, easy operation and maintenance

• Default software anti-theft function (Optional)

• More than 10 years life time of design

• Modular design, small volume, high capacity


• Integrated oil damper DC circuit breaker, more convenient operation, more safety

• Support multi-module parallel connection, easy operation

• Support large current charge and discharge: Maximum 1C continuous charge and discharge

• Front operation, wiring, easy installation, and maintenance

• Multiple communication interfaces: RS485, RS232

• High compatibility BMS

• Safety certification: TUV, CE, UN38.3, etc.


Telecom power systems other power station systems

Project details

1AppearanceMetal caseMetal caseMetal caseMetal caseMetal case
2Nominal Voltage48V48V48V48V48V
3Ah Capacity100Ah150Ah180Ah200Ah240Ah
4Pack Dimension442*450*133mm442*520*155mm442*520*155mm442*520*230mm442*520*230mm
5Energy Density4800Wh7200Wh8640Wh9600Wh11520Wh
6Weight49Kg65Kg80.5kg80.5kg102 kg
8Self Discharge/month<3%<3%<3%<3%<3%
9Design life(year)>20>20>20>20>20
10Parallel connection<15<15<15<15<15
11BMS ControlYesYesYesYesYes
13Datalogger record and storein real timein real timein real timein real timein real time
14Charge Voltage48-54V48-54V48-54V48-54V48-54V
15Working Tem. Range-20~60 0C-20~60 0C-20~60 0C-20~60 0C-20~60 0C
16Working Humidity Range5-95%5-95%5-95%5-95%5-95%
17Max Continuous Discharging Current100A150A180h200h240h
18Max Continuous Charging Current100A150A150A150A150A
19Discharge output Inernal Resistance<10mOhm<10mOhm<10mOhm<10mOhm<10mOhm
20Running Power Consumption<30mA<30mA<30mA<30mA<30mA
21Static Power Consumption10-50uA100-50uA100-50uA100-50uA100-50uA

23Cell Capacity100Ah150A180A200A240A
24Cell Charge Voltage3.6V3.6V3.6V3.6V3.6V
25Cell Max Continuous Discharge Current300 or 3C300 or 3C300 or 3C300 or 3C300 or 3C
26Cell Standard charge and discharge current50 or 0.5C50 or 0.5C50 or 0.5C50 or 0.5C50 or 0.5C
27Cycles life6000 cycles6000 cycles6000 cycles6000 cycles6000 cycles
28Case MaterialsMatelMatelMatelMatelMatel
29Case IP ratingIP56IP56IP56IP56IP56
30Cell Type- ChemistryLifePO4LifePO4LifePO4LifePO4LifePO4
31Cell TypePrismaticPrismaticPrismaticPrismaticPrismatic
32Temperature Specification

33Discharge Temp-20 to 60 0C-20 to 60 0C-20 to 60 0C-20 to 60 0C-20 to 60 0C
34Charge Temp0 to 55 0C0 to 55 0C0 to 55 0C0 to 55 0C0 to 55 0C
35Storage Temp-30 to 60 0C-30 to 60 0C-30 to 60 0C-30 to 60 0C-30 to 60 0C
36BMS High Temp Cut off80C80C80C80C80C
37BMS Reconnect Temp50C50C50C50C50C

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